I have enough

I got my Sear’s Christmas catalog in the mail yesterday. Santa was on the cover. 
It was a reminder that the consumptive push is coming. 

It’s bad enough that on the average day, you and I will be faced with an onslaught of an estimated 200 commercial advertisements. And that number is rising as marketers commandeer the sides of school buses, stadiums and movie theaters.

I opened the pages of the newspaper today and a dozen ads fell out of the center. Rich in color, brash in their claims and inviting with their products I opened each one. I found many things that were enticing. Electronics, clothes, and housewares.
The political candidates are telling me that there are two Americas, making me long for the other half they so roundly despise. Protesters occupy Wallstreet, demanding less obligation, more freedom and benefits. They are of the lesser half and they want more of everything, the very thing they hate.
But then I was struck with this thought.
I have enough.
A tour through my closet will reveal a little bit of everything. I have clothes I haven’t work for years. I have shirts in pastels and solids, knits and cottons. I have pleated pants, flat front pants, and even a pair of bell bottoms. I have socks in five different colors.
I have enough.
I have devices that ring and buzz to keep me on time. I have an automatic coffee maker, a microwave that heats anything in a minute. I have every creature comfort.
I have enough.
I have a pantry with sauces and staples, mixes and canned food. I have a freezer with meat and fruit and leftovers from who-knows-when. I have never gone a done without food.
I have enough.
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