What the world’s ugliest dog taught me about God

It’s a title no pooch really aspires to have, but Yoda of Hanford, CA, is officially the world’s ugliest dog. He’s a sight. Hairless legs. Tongue hanging out the side of his mouth. Fur all amiss.

(The losers are not much prettier! Video here)

The 14-year old Chinese Crested Teacup Chihuahua was found in a field by the Schumacher family, wrapped in a garbage bag. At first, they thought it was a rat.

And you have to love the quote they gave to KSEE TV. “She’s ugly. No doubt about it. But she’s our ugly … she’s one of the family.”

I started thinking about this family and what would possess them to pull this dog from a bag in a dirty field, wash him, comb the bugs out of his fur, and then feed him until he was strong. And once he recovered, what would he ever amount to? He would never play fetch. He would never walk with the big dogs. He would always be an ugly runt.

But the Schumakers saw something in Yoda. They loved this little guy, and that’s what makes him almost — dare I say it — cute. They brought him out on stage, and he was strutting — chin held up high, chest puffed out. He belonged.

This encourages me, that even the ugly, the despised, the terrible can be cherished and loved.

I myself was once picked out of the pound by someone I thought who cared. But when my flawed self was revealed, it was back to the field of the forgotten  And then He found me. He brought me home and called me His own.

And once again, I’m learning a little more about grace.
Call me… Yoda, an adopted child of the King.

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Bonnie Gray over at Faith Barista is hosting a blog carnival on faith, and today’s topic is encouragement. To see more posts on the subject, please visit Faith Barista.

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12 Responses to What the world’s ugliest dog taught me about God

  1. "She's ugly. No doubt about it. But she's our ugly … she's one of the family."Hey! That's what my dad says about me!lol.Yoda- I think this post and you are fantastic, we'll claim ya. (=

  2. Matt says:

    Ha! That is one brutal looking dog. It can definitely teach us about the grace of God. It also made me think about the people I give my time to. Do they have to fit certain standards or am I giving my time to those whose lives are messy and broken as well?

  3. Nancy says:

    "Our ugly." What an upside-down beautiful way to think about one another in the church.

  4. Love this. What a great story. Makes me think of Ann Voskamp's occasional reference to the "ugly-beautiful."

  5. Ugly is the new cute? In God's eye, it was never any different.

  6. Kristine says:

    This is so sweet. What a testament to true love and compassion.

  7. dunlizzie says:

    I love it! Especially how confident he was – not because of what he was, did, or looked liked – but because he was loved. Good stuff.

  8. HisFireFly says:

    He found me out in that same garbage heap –and loves us with relentless affectionyou are His favourite one David, beloved and cherished just as you are

  9. Well, Yoda, erm, David, you're onto something there.Nothing in that dog is cute or attractive. Except that it is already loved — and that somehow draws you in.Him loving us, us loving one another — that's where the beauty comes from.One of your best pieces yet, David.

  10. Caroline says:

    Oh, that grace. I'm so thankful that He would love broken, sometimes downright ugly, faulty me. Thank you for your perspective on this!

  11. Bonnie Gray says:

    Uh-oh. This dog is ugly. I was scared to look at it and scrolled right down! ;p LOL. I have been discarded too, but the joy of being picked up! The surprise. The euphoria. And it is still happening time and again by our Lord Jesus. His nearness makes us feel beautiful. Loved this in the jam, David! 🙂

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