A War of Words

How many wars have we waged on words?

The war on drugs.
The war on poverty.
The war on obesity.
The war on terror.

None of them have been particularly victorious.

  • We have greater drug use now than ever.
  • 43 million Americans are on some form of government sustenance.
  • More than 63 percent of Americans are overweight.
  • Bombs are still going off all around the world, just not here.

One thing we are learning, is that you can’t fight a word.

But I’m guilty of the same thing.
I’ve fought wars on fat, on cynicism, on depression. I’ve fought wars on anger, lust and dishonesty.

I lost everyone of them. Sure, I would win battles for a while, achieving a sense of victory. But then the smugness would prevail and the true man would come through and I would find myself right back to where I started.

You cannot fight a war on a word, because you never really know the enemy. It’s an elusive target, undefined and fuzzy.

I think I need a different approach. What do you think?

Care to comment?

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9 Responses to A War of Words

  1. Truth makes us free. Truth wins battles because lies cannot prevail under it's bright light.We overcome word lies by replacing them with Truth. Jesus is Truth.When I wake up and fight the painful lie that I am unloved..I remember who I am in Christ- Beloved.

  2. David,I believe it was Carol Pearson who wrote something like 'maybe its not moving mountains but learning them…' In that spirit, maybe its not warring with those words but learning them over the course of a life…in our attempts to 'win' or 'overcome' we often miss the texture of life itself…anyway, thanks for your post, it stirred my thoughts.

  3. Sheila says:

    Words are shadow foes, don't you think? If I think to myself that I'm struggling with submission, for example–well, that's a mighty fuzzy opponent. But if I can think about a recent time when I've not been submissive, and focus on my conduct in occasions like that one, it's a little easier for me to identify what my struggle is all about.

  4. I agree. Our society is full of the word, "war" but claims to be so free and open minded. Everything is a war. Makes you wonder if they know what the word means. I find it best to focus on one day, one moment at a time. We will never see perfection in this life. It'd be so refreshing if we could just accept it and do our best.

  5. Duane Scott says:

    I'm fighting a war on fat as we speak. I dislike diets. So much. Because the inner man, the one that likes calories, doesn't have a good handle on self-will. Let me know when you get answers. 🙂

  6. I think the biggest wars I fight are with myself. Maybe not fighting is the answer? Or is the struggle part of the journey, what makes us know we're alive?

  7. Oh yes … the smugness. I've been there, done that. I've dropped things at the foot of the cross, patted myself on the back, and then promptly picked the junk back up again.It is not in my flesh that I can beat back Satan. It is only in the strength of Christ. When we are weak, then — THEN! — He is strong.

  8. I think the war we should wage is against "warring." I struggle with this metaphor when it comes to things we often can't control. When I was diagnosed with cancer, I couldn't think of it as a battle, because I might lose. And it wouldn't really be a defeat.I guess there are real enemies we must fight, but apart from that, I say we put this old metaphor to bed!

  9. Fighting "the war on…" has become a political term now, popular to stir up people and win votes.Of our puny selves, we can win no wars, so best to only take up the armor that GOD tells us to, and fight as He leads.

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