Back to the future

I sometimes wish that I could find a DeLorean, dump some trash in the fuel tank,and transport to the past. There, I would undo some things. I would say things differently, walk more carefully, and show a little more compassion. 

Truth is, I cannot untie the complicated knot that I’ve tied.

So, all I have left is grace.

 My friend and High Calling editor LL Barkat, said this last night, “The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”

I have little seedlings I’ve been carrying around in my pocket. It’s time I did something about them.

Photo by L. Nystuen

The most liberating verse in all of the Bible is this: “One thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 3:13-14)

This is the beauty of the resurrection. What was once hopeless and tired is now new and fresh. It can happen to me. It can happen to you.

What was your most liberating moment in life, when you realized you were no longer a slave to the past?
Care to comment?

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8 Responses to Back to the future

  1. Glynn says:

    That's all that's left for all of us — grace.

  2. PFaustin says:

    Wouldn't it be nice if "the trash" was the mistakes I want to go back and change? I guess in a way that's what God does when He causes all things to work for the good of those who love Him. (Rom 8:28)Philip

  3. Tim says:

    There is so much I would change. At the same time there is so much of Romans 8:28 I would not have witnessed. Not saying there was any good in the sin, but so much good in the redeemer.Being a slave is awful and any slave would go back to the time he was made captive and run the other direction. However, a slave set free is living in a new place under new circumstances he never would have seen before. That is God's wonderful providence.

  4. David, I remember a moment as a university student, on the far edge of one of the darkest times I'd ever known in my few years. I've not come close to it again since. I was in the midst of a study of Exodus, and one morning as I opened my Bible to chapter 12, which was next in my reading, my head dropped onto the open pages and I begged God to just encourage me. I couldn't take anything more.He did.While I felt ruthlessly tormented and as though I could not ever move forward, I started reading. Right there in verse 2, when the Israelites had left Egypt, God said this:"This month is to be for you the first month, the first month of your year."My year started that day as well. It's been a long, long year. 🙂 But He persuaded me in that one moment, those few words, that "restart" is on of His areas of special expertise.

  5. Graceful says:

    David, My most liberating moment — realizing that I could, that I just might, be able to believe in God — that changed everything. Enjoying the pics of you all at Laity — looks like a good time. Blessings to you all on the rest of your productive weekend…Michelle

  6. Deidra says:

    I'm blown away by Lyla's story. I am in the midst of a study of Exodus and have found an unexpected glimpse of freedom in an obscure verse there. So what will you do with those seeds?

  7. Thanks to Lyla and Graceful Nancy for sharing stories. I think we all have those moments…when we realize we are free.And if we haven't experienced this, then maybe, we are still in chains…

  8. Sam Van Eman says:

    If you'd like to return to Laity, David, you might go with a Land Rover instead. Pick me up along the way.

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