Reconciling perfect plans with imperfect people

We all have a perfect plan for our lives that we’ve developed over time. Our fantasy is an idyllic world that we have constructed in our minds. Filled with images of beautiful families in beautiful homes in beautiful  locations, we have arranged just the ideal life.
For me, it was to go to college, write books, have a happy family and live in a remote mountain retreat. Something went awry with that plan. I dropped out of college, wrote books nobody reads, saw family wander, and live in the suburbs.

I remember Bugs Bunny always talking about taking “a wrong turn at Albuquerque.” I too have taken the off-ramp to a different direction..

That’s why I am intrigued with a new book by Pete Wilson simply called Plan B.
The subtitle, “What to do when God doesn’t show up the way you thought he would” really should strike a note with all  who are serious about faith because life never goes according to plan!
I read the interview Wilson had with Bonnie Gray at Faith Barista and was amazed at this straightforward truth – God can still use us, even when we deviate from ‘the first choice.’
Wilson says this, “We have an opportunity to choose intimacy with God over our circumstances in every situation.”
At every failure in my life, I’ve been tempted to stop living for God. “I failed me. I failed you. I failed my calling.”

But each time, God picks me up, dusts off the dirt from coat, brushes the hair back, kisses me on the forehead and tells me that I am still His and that He still
, still
, has a plan for me.
Who am I to say “no?”

What about you? Have you lived through a Plan B and lived to tell? Comment here.

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8 Responses to Reconciling perfect plans with imperfect people

  1. Bonnie Gray says:

    "God can still use us, even when we deviate from ‘the first choice.’"What a soulful response. You have a tender heart for the Lord, David!

  2. Cliff says:

    The more I read the Bible and the more I am engage in His mission, the more I am convince that God's plan is almost always unpredictable, unexpected and unconventional.In fact, I almost want to say if I see God showing up in moments in the way I expected Him to be, then I will doubt if it is really God's way. All my experience with God is never a straight path. At least not the path I had in mind.The more I realize it ain't me living for God but rather embracing God's Sovereignty and His Holy Spirit working in me, the more I am joyful and rejoice in His Grace and His mercy.

  3. Pooka says:

    Despite all my envisioned future life, at no point in my past could I say the Lord worked to make everything happen just as I thought it would.It is as if none of my plans were even on his plate. I am convinced that the Lord has and had the same plan, Plan A, throughout. And that plan has proved, each time the hump crested the waves, to be far bigger, far more alive than anything my mediocre mind has come up with.I still don't know what the temporal end of the plan is going to be short of Christ calling me home. I am currently more along for the ride. Somehow, there's more peace in this than there ever was in my devotion to my own plans. Murky going sometimes, but in the end, the Lord has proven the light overall.

  4. I think I'm on Plan M. And go figure: It's better than my Plan A ever was. He's the God of Jeremiah 29:11.

  5. wadey says:

    I went through a number of plans, like many people. No different that most lives, I am sure. Finally a friend gave me a great quote to remember, "Reality is what happens when you are busy making other plans." SO the days that I turn it over and become willing to hear and take direction, no matter where it comes from, are very good days. The days spent playing 'Whack A Mole' are precious time lost away from everything and everyone. The more I stomp and spit and stutter about what I want, the sicker I get. There is some truth if the phrase 'Whatever' is given and taken seriously.Thanks for hour work and communication.Wade R.

  6. Laura says:

    This sounds like a must-read. It kind of reminds me of Bradleys article over at HCB not too long ago called The Myth of Calling. God uses it all, doesn't He? Thank you for sharing about this book, David. I'm going to have to check it out.

  7. Sounds like a book that many in mid-life especially can relate to and use. I don't necessarily think that God Himself has a "first choice" for each person, otherwise we'd drive ourselves mad trying to guess if we hit it or not. Rather, we have expectations of ourselves, or of what we THINK God wants for us, and that also drives us mad in our attempts to maintain some control over it. But, as you say, failure and disapointments pave the road for most of us, and our response to God has got to be more than our circumstances. Thanks for a raw, open post about the realities of life. I hope to pick this book up (after I've finished the other five on the table!)

  8. Melissa says:

    This recommendation makes me interested in reading the book. I think it strikes a valuable point because we often think if we veer off track, it's over and we will never be able to receive the blessings God intended for us. But, we should always keep in mind that if God has a plan for us, we should be certain it will come to pass, no matter what it takes. It reminds me of the story of Joseph, who is betrayed by his brothers and ultimlately fulfills the destiny God had assured Him or being a high authority to many people.

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