What’s the difference?

What’s the difference between an unbeliever who will not go to church and the Christian who is never there? Between a heathen who does not believe the Bible and a Christian who never studies it? Between an atheist who never gives a cent to God and a Christian who gives nothing? Between a man of the world and those Christians who live only for this world? “

– as by Pastor Marvin Ahlborn, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

Names play an important in our society. I stick out my hand to a stranger and offer my name – it’s my identity. Names are attached to our mail, our telephones and our addresses. Names are sprayed on both our paychecks and our bills.

The name-game is also part of our Christianity. We want to identify with Jesus, so we call ourselves “Christians.”

But there is a danger in taking on the name without taking on the character. I can call myself Babe Ruth, but if I cannot swing a bat, I would be exposed as a fraud. I can call myself Bill Gates, but if I still change my own oil, my friends would be suspect.

To take on the name of Jesus is also to take on his identity. Being a Christian is not a matter of heritage or church attendance or family or culture. Calling yourself a Christian means that you are committing to following Jesus. It may be harsh, but if you are reluctant to do this, then perhaps you should find another nickname.

May all the titles we wear — such as Father, Son, American and Christian be reflective of our character and our nature.

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1 Response to What’s the difference?

  1. Kay Martin says:

    Name is revealed by your actions and attitude, right? John Maxwell has a winner on this with his quote: You know you're a leader if anyone is following you.

    I see so many people occupying the position of leader but they couldn't motivate anyone to follow behind them to do anything. They are leaders in name only.

    Christians are always revealed in action, attitude and lifestyle. Good post that cranks up the old mind. Thanks

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