Dirty work

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”
— Aristotle

We all have had jobs that are simply no fun.

I was hired once to disassemble and clean a dozen urinals at a summer camp. I’ve dumped out hot tar on flat roofs in 100 degree weather. I’ve shoveled out chicken coops. I’ve had to sort, staple, fold and stuff thousands of letters. I’ve had to cold call sales. I’ve gone door to door.

For some, they will never have a job that they really enjoy. Thus, the frustration of the modern worker.

Is there a better way? Does every job have to fun? Or is there a way to “power through” the dirty work that we have to do?

What’s been your dirtiest job? And how did you deal with it? Click here and tell us about it.

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4 Responses to Dirty work

  1. Daveda says:

    Hi there, I traveled over here from Walking in the Spirit and thought I would say hello 🙂

    I have had jobs I did not love, though I have to admit I didn't stay with them long. And, I know my husband does not love his job.

    However, I do think that God has gifted us all with abilities and talents that we can use in our jobs. I pray for my husband all the time that he would be blessed with the ability and opportunity to do something through the work of his hands that he can enjoy. Though it has yet happened I truly believe that God is preparing a way for him.

    I know there will always be some things we do not love at any job, but I truly believe that God has something for each of us that will help us to become who we are called to be, doing what we are called to do, using the gifts given to us.

    If you are like my husband, I pray for you too, that God would bless you with opportunity to find joy in what you are called to do!

    God bless!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have found from any jobs I have been, there are always some components that I do not like about that particular job. Through all of them, God always reminds me that I am there for a Greater Purpose than just job.

  3. Sam Van Eman says:

    Roofing, telemarketing, and one gag-filled weekend of cleaning out a wooden flea-market shed piled with dozens of rotted, magot-infested, watermelons. I was 16, it was mid-summer, it was in Florida. I know a weekend probably doesn't count, but I had to include it for fun.

  4. Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus says:

    Being a crime-beat reporter often felt like dirty work.

    * Calling the mothers of boys gunned down on a city street.

    * Attending funerals of kids who died in gang fights.

    * Showing up at car accident scenes, to find bodies and crying relatives.

    Other parts of the job were rewarding, but much of it just ripped my heart out. I didn't last long, and a year later, asked for a reassignment covering county government. It had its "dirty" moments, but nothing like the heartache of covering crime.

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