When Christian coworkers act like unbelievers

We are soliciting your questions for Randy Kilgore, author of Made to Matter, Devotions for Working Christians. Randy understands the modern workplace and the difficulties that are before Christians who want to make a difference. Got a question? Email us and if we use your question, you’ll get a free copy of his book.

This week’s question comes from Cathie, who blogs at Carelines.

She asks, “How can I work with Christians who claim to be more mature in their faith, yet act as unbelievers with co-workers?”

Randy Kilgore: Great question! First of all, guard your own heart; don’t let how others choose to live their faith (or not) cause you to be angry or bitter, including, especially, towards them. When Paul gives us his long list of things we should think on in Philippians 4:8, there’s a reason there are no negatives in it.

Second, it’s been my experience that people who behave as you’ve described were never properly discipled; so they often don’t know how to live faithfully among unbelieving coworkers. Or they tried and failed, either being criticized by unbelievers; or worse, being criticized by other believers–the most disabling thing we Christians do to each other.

Third, you must pray for them, asking God to teach you how to love them, and asking Him to help you avoid doing or saying anything that makes it harder for them to change. This includes NOT “calling them out” on their behavior in the presence of others. Remember, God ONLY grants us permission to correct those whom we care so much about that our motivation in doing so is love. We are not permitted to judge or correct casual acquaintances; the risks of inappropriate motivation are too great, and the potential for harm is staggering.

Finally, you should live your life around them in a way that honors God, thereby allowing the Holy Spirit to teach them through your example. Words aren’t necessary for this kind of teaching, as the work is the Holy Spirit’s and not yours.

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