Sweat and stress in the workplace

We are well aware of Adam’s plight. Before the fall, crops were not subject to drought or freeze. Thorns and rocks had not invaded the fertile soil.

But after sin tainted this perfect world, the ground would no longer produce without heavy, back-breaking labor. Sweat would drip on the earth as man labored to bring forth its fruit.

Today, we don’t know much about sweat. While many of us have jobs of heavy labor, most are aided by technology or invention. My father roofed for 50 years without the benefit of any technology. He swung a hammer into the steel nails. He angled his body to the roof, laying one asphalt tile after another. It was hard work, exposed to the elements of rain and snow, cold and heat. I am still amazed at my memory of his job, lifting bundles of shingles on his shoulder and walking up the ladder. Work was supposed to be hard — he knew no other way.

I know nothing of that kind of labor. Even modern roofers use lifts and pneumatic hammers. Farmers have expensive machinery that takes much of the sweat out. Digging ditches today are with the use of backhoes.

But we still suffer from toil of another kind in our automated, information driven world – stress.

Is this the curse, played in out modern terms? What do you think?

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3 Responses to Sweat and stress in the workplace

  1. Real Live Preacher says:

    I think it is as LEAST as hard on the human being, if not more so. Good honest work is better on the heart. Depression and physical ailments are the birthright of stress.

    I speak from experience.

  2. Red Letter Believers says:

    The purest profession is the “farmer”. Its physical. Its trusting of God. When bad stuff happens, what can you do?

    The rest of us just slog away fighting the bulge around the middle and the glut in our hearts, heavy with stress.

    The curse of Adam, just in another format?

  3. joseph born again says:

    I think that the curse of the modern time is the automated, quick paced technological society in which we are living in. It’s a world of people plugged in and tuned out. The isolation of humanity is what the evil one has sought to destroy, in the natural fellowship we are to have with our brothers and sisters. A good hard day of manual labor is good, no matter the job title. Jesus said, work as your working unto the Lord—giving Him the glory. In that way, no matter what your doing, its Jesus that gives you what you need, and in turn your honoring Him in your labor. Press on!!

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