Calling in sick

A new survey on “summer absenteeism” shows 39 percent of full-time employees have called in sick just to enjoy a day off. They call it a “mental health day.”

They use the day to go shopping, go to the lake, or lounge around the house.

Mondays and Fridays seem to be the day most popular. As managers who have 1,000’s work for us, we can attest to the truths found here. It’s happening and in many workplaces, its rampant.

At, writers have even compiled a guide of how to do this. They suggest:

  • Find a quiet place to make the phone call.
  • Call your boss.
  • Keep the excuse short and to the point and credible.
  • Cough a few times if necessary, or speak in a raspy voice for added effect. However, speaking somewhat slowly will probably work better!
  • Get off the phone as quickly as possible.

They suggest saying things like “Its coming out both ends” or “I can’t stand up for more than a couple of minutes.”

Sick leaves costs American businesses — big time. The University fo Pennsylvania says that sick days cost U.S. employers $74 billion a year. The average worker takes about 5.2 sick days a year.

So, how should Christians approach sick time?

Have you ever ‘faked’ a sick day — or do you see it as just another benefit?

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3 Responses to Calling in sick

  1. Anonymous says:

    All I can say is: Ferris Beulers Day off and Office Space

    Bob- “so Peter, it seems like you’ve been missing a lot of work lately..”
    Peter- “I wouldn’t say I’ve been, missing it.. Bob”

  2. samurai says:

    I have not called in sick (that I can honestly remember), but I have called my boss and said, “It is just a gorgeous day and I want to take a last minute day off” (using vacation time).

    Thank you for stopping by.

  3. Andrea Emerson says:

    I actually had a boss who encouraged us to take sick days … as in “The year is almost over, y’all better start using your sick days or you’ll lose them.”

    I think taking a sick day when you’re mentally exhausted is ok, as long as you’re honest about it and ready to show up if the boss doesn’t like the idea.

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